All About Stuart


Hi ! I'm the guy on the right. If I look like my brother that's because we're Twins. If you haven't worked it our already, I'm an IT geek into badminton, music, coding, games, hacking, fast cars and occasionally skiing and sailing. Strictly on holiday only of course..

In police terminology I'm 1m70, 80Kg, hazel eyes, short/receeding hair, glasses. Definite axe-murderer material. [That's 5ft7 and 12st for all you imperialists out there.] I prefer 'cute' myself.. Just don't call me 'middle age spreading' or I'll have to kill you.

Here's what I'm like:

Here's the low down. It get's better. Honest!


Serious ''playing'' requires a little time away from the office, and a social life. I try to make time for that, but I've got this lot to contend with first:

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