Bob decided to spend his 16th birthday money on a new axe, but not just any axe - oh no - a clear acrylic Wesley Strat copy (PE200wh). Of course a perfectly clear acrylic block just begs to be lit up from the inside. Oh yes it does :)

In an effort to move our pets outside, to encourage more wildlife in the garden and to grow more interesting plants, Angela, Phil and the family have built a pond. Bring on the herons!

Constructed between Oct/Dec 2005 to replace the mouldy old shed in Phil and Angela's back garden, "the shed" is intended as a recording studio / drum practice room and general bolt hole :) Getting the panels into the garden was entertaining...

Built between September 2004 and July 2005, Stuart decided to cure his garden grass and weed problem in a permanent fashion.. and learn a bit of Zen/Shinto culture in the process.

Bob has been busying himself with the latest Valve Software Hammer editor, producing several new maps for the Counter-Strike:Condition Zero game..

Built between April and November 2003 (but not finished until 2005!), this was Phil's first serious building project, and it was quite a challenge!

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