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You can also find Phil on [[https://www.facebook.com/phil.ashby.77|Facebook]], [[https://github.com/phlash|Github]], [[https://dev.to/phlashgbg|{{https://d2fltix0v2e0sb.cloudfront.net/dev-badge.svg || width=30 height=30}}]] or my official work [[https://twitter.com/PhlashGBG|Twitter]] You can also find Phil on [[https://www.facebook.com/phil.ashby.77|Facebook]], [[https://github.com/phlash|Github]], [[https://dev.to/phlash909|{{https://d2fltix0v2e0sb.cloudfront.net/dev-badge.svg || width=30 height=30}}]] or my [[https://twitter.com/Phlash909|Twitter]]

Boaty Phil

The Old Bald Man :)

Phil is 5' 7", in his early 50's, with hazel eyes & dark brown hair (what's left of it!). He wears glasses because he is myopic (short-sighted) but refuses to wear contact lenses.

He's enjoying being "grandad" when he's home (not often enough :-), and considers himself reasonably experienced in this field with six children & two grandchildren (the last time he counted).

Phil works as a technical architect for GB Group, looking after the design of their services.

Phil is also a founder of (AshbySoft *), and when he's not playing with the kids, he can usually be found playing with his computer, having a technical discussion with Stuart or trying to organise a night out with his lovely wife Angela.

More recently (ok - in 2003) Phil joined the 4 Or More large family website, and is now hosting their forum on this server :)

You can also find Phil on Facebook, Github, https://dev.to/phlash909 or my Twitter


I do stuff outside the day job, in particular:

  • Funcube: I'm a developer on this combined amateur radio / educational satellite development team - three launched, others in the pipeline..

  • I'm a qualified radio amateur (callsigns M6IPX, 2E0IPX), interested in VLF communications (sub 100kHz), software defined radio and toys :)

  • I take stuff apart, then sometimes blog about it here, frequently before I've used it!

  • Amateur genealogy, researching my own family tree with a friend who is semi-professional. It's amazing what you discover - who would have though I was descended from a long line of east-end chimney sweeps? Aye- aye me ol' china!

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