Boaty Phil

The Old Bald Man :)

Phil is 5' 7", in his early 50's, with hazel eyes & dark brown hair (what's left of it!). He wears glasses because he is myopic (short-sighted) but refuses to wear contact lenses.

He loves being "daddy" when he's home (not often enough :-), and considers himself reasonably experienced in this field with six children (the last time he counted).

Phil works as the technical architect for GB Group, looking after the design of their services.

Phil is also a founder of (AshbySoft *), and when he's not playing with the kids, he can usually be found playing with his computer, having a technical discussion with Stuart or trying to organise a night out with his lovely wife Angela.

More recently (ok - in 2003) Phil joined the 4 Or More large family website, and is now hosting their forum on this server :)

You can also find me on Facebook or my official work Twitter


I do stuff outside the day job, in particular:

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