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== Playing With Fire ==

I thought I should say something about the band, [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Playing-With-Fire/306560920407?ref=ts&v=wall|here]] is a link to our Facebook page which will suffice until we get a proper site.

'''Playing With Fire Gigs - Booking Schedule'''
For all interested parties, whether looking to see us play or even looking to have us play your venue... (Red squares = gig)

||<:> == This month == ||<:> == Next Month == ||

Anyone interested please drop us a Facebook comment or e-mail one of the band

However, since Facebook won't let me upload music without a load of hassle I have decided to host the file downloads for some of our covers here, enjoy:

P.S You click the song title and then the "download" button at the top of the page. Apparently people couldn't figure this out... (Unless your PC is weird, like Alex's, in which case Right Click on the title and select download)

[[attachment:Fear Of The Dark.mp3 | Fear Of The Dark]]

[[attachment:Sweet Child O' Mine.mp3 | Sweet Child O' Mine]]

[[attachment:Hallowed Be Thy Name.mp3 | Hallowed Be Thy Name]]

[[attachment:Paradise City.mp3 | Paradise City]]

The PlayingWithFire band page has moved :)

Joseph (yay)

Email: Me

This is Joe and I'm going to make a proper page whenever I can be bothered and have found something to write about :)

The PlayingWithFire band page has moved :)


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