These are some maps I made for various CS games :

CZ maps:
This is a VIP rescue mission where there is a rescue blimp at the top of the warehouse, this is where the VIP rescue point is. Also 2 passages down the sides of the map from 1 spawn point to the other ;-) A very small but fun map I think, but then again, it was made by me so I would say that wouldn't I. No known bugs!
Screenshots: (click for very large picture)
screenshot1 screenshot2screenshot3screenshot4screenshot5 screenshot6
This is a tiny map; so small in fact that all the players can see each other at the start. However, killing opponments is a lot more difficult than usual; the reason being that everyone is bouncing up and down a hundred foot chimney. It's hilarious playing against bots, I think, because they can't hit anything. Handy hint: The best weapons are the pump shotgun and glock 18 ;-) Known bugs: you can't see all the way up/down the map. I can only assume the game engine has vertigo. Also, you sometimes die for no obvious reason. This is an act of God. If anyone knows how to fix these please tell me.
Screenshots: (click for very large picture)
screenshot screenshotscreenshotscreenshotscreenshot
As the name suggests, this is an office and is made by Bob. It's quite a small map and is fun with about 20 bots in as cannon fodder for when you spring out the vent and shoot them all down. Counter terrorists start downstairs, Terrorists on the roof. Hostages are in the middle and have to be taken downstairs to the CT spawn. Plus, there is a secret weapons cache. I'll leave you to find it. Known bugs: don't go outside the map because the game will crash. Again, if anyone knows how to fix these please tell me.
Screenshots: (ps, these are of version 1, I have retextured it since then. It will definitely work for CZ)
screenshot screenshotscreenshotscreenshot

Deleted scenes
Almost finished my DS map, watch this space because its very good.

Half-life 2
I made a crane prefab for HL2 SDK hammer editor, it took ages to work out how to make it because almost nowhere on the web tells you how. Fun to hurl containers and cars etc.

CSS (counter-strike : source)

This is the same as fy_pop, but without guns all over the place because if you put them in they disappear (Tell me a fix for this); and it's a bomb defuse map. This map definitely works.
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